Week 1 Alternate Picks - Waste Management Phoenix Open
Country Club Filter
  T-1 #BeatJWick
  T-1 #MAGA
  T-1 3 Putt Bogey
  T-1 ?PAR?
  T-1 AK-47
  T-1 American Eagles
  T-1 Bagger
  T-1 Bartman
  T-1 Better Than Nothing
  T-1 Billy The Kid
  T-1 Bogey Boy
  T-1 BogeyBoy
  T-1 Bottom Bowditches
  T-1 Butt Pirate
  T-1 Canadian Bacon
  T-1 Captain Callaway
T-1 Carl Spackler Golf
  T-1 CheezWhiz
  T-1 Da Whale
  T-1 Don't Pick John Rahm
  T-1 Don't Rory Be Happy
  T-1 EZReiter
  T-1 Fly Butterfly Fly
  T-1 ForePlay
  T-1 Frost's Huskers 2020
  T-1 Gberk13
  T-1 Grizzly Adams
  T-1 Hard Shell Bombers
  T-1 Henry MorganzzZ
  T-1 Hi Pro
  T-1 Hosel Rocket
  T-1 JTrane
  T-1 JVG14
  T-1 Jlaessig
  T-1 Journey Drink Luv Us
  T-1 Kelly
  T-1 Laff
  T-1 Make A Putt
  T-1 Meatsauce
  T-1 Moist
  T-1 Morning Wood
  T-1 Noonan’sCollegeFund
T-1 O Shag Hennessey -- XXXXXXXXX --
  T-1 Power Fade
  T-1 PurplePride
  T-1 RazMaTaz
  T-1 RedHotChiliDippers
  T-1 Reeves24
  T-1 Reidburger
  T-1 Ryrom11
  T-1 SMASHIN’ Pebbles
  T-1 Salty
  T-1 Silent Assassin
  T-1 Tap Tap Taparoo
  T-1 Team Barutt
  T-1 The Ghost Of Chubbs
  T-1 The Gram Slam
  T-1 The Looper
  T-1 Uncle Rico
  T-1 Who Dey
  T-1 Who's Your Caddie?
  T-1 Willy's Wood
NOTE: An asterisk after alternate pick's name indicates both alternate pick and
starter were both NO SHOWs, so alternate pick was not applied.